Founder, House of Haute Inc

As the founder and creator of the House of Haute brand of companies, Toni Duclottni-Harich has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur. Haute Pink Labs was birth out of her sheer desire to help others successfully launch a sustainable e-commerce business in the ever-changing fashion space. Not having a formal fashion education, Toni created a more unconventional path driven by her passion which allowed her to write the curriculum from a different point of view offering a more relatable experience for many of her students.

The unique perspective Toni provides is from the various industries she’s worked in including a career as a Sound Engineer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Executive, and as a Serial Entrepreneur. Naturally she understands the importance of the aesthetic of a brand but she also has a keen understanding of the actual business side which is critical when it comes to scaling. Above everything else, it’s the attention to detail that Toni prides herself in which is reflective in her teaching.


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